Can I rent out my home or guest house?

Short-term rentals, meaning properties rented for periods less than 31 days at a time, are prohibited in Teton County unless the property is in the following locations;

  • The Aspens (condominiums and single-family homes)
  • Crescent H “Fish Lodges” (Crescent H lot 8)
  • Golf Creek (condominiums only)
  • Teton Shadows (condominiums only)
  • Jackson Hole Racquet Club Resort Commercial Area (Teton Pines 64 lodging units)
  • Spring Creek Ranch (up to 200 units of the 301 dwelling units permitted)
  • Teton Village Area I (condominiums and single-family homes)
  • Teton Village Area II (condominiums and townhouses) 
  • Snake River Sporting Club Resort Area II & III
  • Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Resort (cabins only)
  • Grand Targhee Resort

All other residential properties in Teton County may be rented on a long-term basis, meaning the rental period is at least 31 days.  Short-term rental regulations can be found in Section 6.1.5. of the LDRs. 

Accessory Residential Units on residential properties (i.e guest houses) per Section 6.1.11.B,  may only be rented per the following standards; 

  1. Occupancy is limited to persons employed within Teton County, family members or guests of the family occupying the main house. 
  2. Rental periods shall be a minimum of 90 days. 

If homeowners have a listing on such websites as Vacation Rental By Owner, HomeAway, Airbnb, or a local property management company, all listings must comply with the LDRs and not advertise for rental of less than 31 days unless specifically allowed by the LDRs.

To report a short-term rental violation you can contact the Code Compliance Officer at (307)733-3959. Should Planning staff find future reservations that do not comply with the LDRs, this matter will be forwarded to the County Attorney as a violation of the Teton County Land Development Regulations. Wyoming Statutes authorize the County to seek abatement of these violations, authorize a fine of not more than $750 for each offense, and provide that each day’s continuation of a violation is a separate offense. 

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