How do I find Planning Division permit applications?

All the Planning Permit applications can be found under the Planning Applications & Checklists web page available under the Planning Division page. 

The most common planning applications have been combined into one "Planning Permit Application." Start by exploring our list of Checklists. If your desired application is listed as a checklist, that means you will need to complete the "Planning Permit Application" and then reference the relevant checklist for any specific submittal requirements for your permit application. The Checklists also include relevant pre-submittal requirements that may be specific to the type of permit. permit planning

Applications that will not use the "Planning Permit Application" have their own full application and include Pre-Application Conference Requests, Environmental Analysis, Exempt Land Divisions, and Sign Permits. In addition, there is a Miscellaneous Planning Request (MSC) Application that can be used for Special Purpose Fencing Exemption Requests, Fee Waiver Requests, Monitoring Reports, EA Exemption Requests, and Planner Research Requests. 

If you have difficulty determining what application to use, please contact the Planning Department.

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