Do I need to destroy my files before recycling my computer?

Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling (ISWR) is very adamant about properly disposing of electronics. ISWR sends electronics to a company that is reputable and trusted (see more info below). However, if disposers have any hesitations they are encouraged to have their hard drive cleared.

Electronic Recyclers International

Electronics are sent to Denver to a company called Electronic Recyclers International (ERI). ERI is the largest electronics recycler in North America. ERI has the highest capacity and most technologically advanced e-waste shredding system in the world, providing its customers with a maximum economic benefit and maximum commodity return. 100% of all material sent to ERI is recycled into three main commodities: metals, plastics and glass.

ERI is a member of the Basel Action Network (BAN) - an international organization that monitors the international trade of electronic wastes.  ERI has signed the BAN pledge which states, “We will not engage in the exporting or dumping of e-waste, or in the use of prison labor in our recycling processes.”

This company is also E-Stewards Certified (a certification which verifies that the electronics are recycled properly).

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