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Employee Generation by Land Use Study - 2020 Update

The Town of Jackson and Teton County released a Request for Qualifications for the study January 29, 2020. Responses were due February 27, 2020 and are provided below. 

For this project, a community stakeholder group has been appointed and will provide expertise to the Town and County staff working on the project throughout the duration of the study. 

Town and County staff assigned to this project are: 

  • April Norton, Jackson/Teton County Housing Director 
  • Chris Neubecker, Teton County Planning Director
  • Paul Anthony, Town of Jackson Planning Director
  • Tyler Sinclair, Town of Jackson Community Development Director

Community stakeholders are: 

  • Anna Olson, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce
  • Anne Schuler, Town of Jackson Planning Commission
  • Elizabeth Hutchings, Housing Advocate
  • Eric Steinmann, Statistician
  • Glen Esnard, Teton County Planning Commission
  • Laura Bonich, Jackson/Teton County Housing Supply Board
  • Rob DesLauries, Developer
  • Skye Schell, Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance
  • Tyler Davis, Jackson Hole Working

Request for Qualifications for Employee Generation by Land Use Study

Responses received:

The Board of County Commissioners and Jackson Town Council will consider awarding the contract at a special meeting on March 16th. The meeting is scheduled for 1pm at Town Hall. The meeting packet can be found here.  

UPDATE: This item has been continued and will be considered again by the Town Council and County Commission at the August 3, 2020 Joint Information Meeting. 

UPDATE: This item will be considered at the Feb. 1, 2021 Town Council and County Commission Joint Information Meeting. 

Housing Studies