Capital Improvements

Often times, owners wish to make improvements to their home. All Affordable and Employment-based Restrictions and2 People Holding Hammers During Room Construction Ground Leases require prior approval from Jackson Teton County Affordable Housing (JTCAH) to receive Capital Improvement Credit, which is given at time of the sale of the home.


When requesting approval, please follow these steps:  

  1. Obtain written approval from your HOA if the improvement makes changes to any part of the exterior of your home.
  2. Submit the Owner Request for Capital Improvement Credit form to JTCAH along with a copy of the HOA written approval and other supporting documentation such as plans, drawings, and cost estimates.
  3. JTCAH will respond with a letter describing the allowable credit you will receive and how it will be calculated at sale of your home. Please note that sweat equity does not receive credit.
  4. As soon as your improvements are complete, submit copies of all receipts to JTCAH.

Learn more and visit the JTCAH's Capital Improvement Policy page.