Unit 303, Grove Phase 1 Rental

Scott Lane

**Important! To apply for this rental unit, you must have completed, updated & verified the Online Intake Form prior to May 17th. Please do not make any changes to your essential data during the weighted drawing period or you will not be eligible to apply.**

Grove Phase 1, Unit 303, 250 Scott Lane: 

  • 2-bedroom, plus alcove, 1 1/2-bathroom, approximately 900 square feet
  • Range, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, large deck, storage, and washer & dryer.
  • Income Range: 50% to 80% of the Median Family Income -see income limits listed below
  • Occupancy Requirement: two (2) or more people
  • See below: Rent Includes electricity, water, sewer, and trash.
  • Security Deposit is equal to one month of rent due at signing 
  • At least one adult in the household must work a minimum of 1,560 hours per year. Please read the policies to enter any weighted drawing: Housing Department Rules & Regulations, Section 4: Weighted Drawing.
  • Initial rental term estimated to begin August, 2023. Rent for this unit is $1,327 per month. First month's rent + $1,327 security deposit will be due at signing.  
  • Deadline to Apply: Tuesday, May 30th by 4:00 PM. No late or incomplete entries will be accepted. If selected first for this unit you will be notified by phone. All others will be sent an email notice. 
  • All forms needed to enter this drawing are here, under "Rentals - Weighted Drawing Entry Form

Floor Plan:

Income Limits - households may not earn more than the limits listed below:

Two Person Household:     $51,080 to $81,728

Three Person Household:  $57,465 to $91,944

Four Person Household:    $63,850 to 102,160

Five Person Household:     $68,958 to $110,333

Calculation of Income:

Household income is based on the current income earned by all intended adult occupants of the rental unit at the time of weighted drawing using the current household income to estimate an annual (12 month) income basis. Households must use their current income and may not make changes or adjustments to earnings in order to fit within the income range.

Business income of a qualifying Household is calculated using an average of the last three (3) years of income on the business’ tax returns. A year to date profit and loss determination will also be used to calculate business income. If the business has not been operating for three (3) years, the Housing Department will average income over the time the business has been operating.

Please contact the Housing Department if you have any questions or need assistance completing the entry forms. housing@tetoncountywy.gov or 307-732-0867.