Local Rental Data Tracking

Over the past eleven quarters (Q2 2022), the Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department (“Housing Department”) has collected rental data on the Town of Jackson’s five main apartment complexes: Blair Place Apartments, Aspen Meadows Apartments, The Timbers Apartments, Hidden Hollow Apartments and, new this quarter, Sagebrush Apartments. The report does not provide information about privately rented condominiums, townhomes, or single-family homes. The data collected includes changes in rental rates and vacancy rates. This data is collected and analyzed quarterly to understand changes in pricing, supply, and demand for rental units in the Town of Jackson. The data in this report is provided to Housing Department staff directly by the complexes’ management teams. 

Average market rent rates by unit type for Q2 are listed below. Read the entire second quarter report online.  Versión en español del informe.

  • Studio Units: $2,639.38/month
  • One Bedroom Units: $2,628.31/month.
  • Two-Bedroom Units: $4,172.18/month.
  • Three-Bedroom Units: $3,982.00/month.

Historical Rental Reports:

2021 Q4 Rental Report

2021 Q3 Rental Report