Mercill Avenue Condos at 105 Mercill Avenue

Mercill Condos Sign

This partnership with Mercill Partners will result in 30 ownership units - 20 one-bedroom homes and 10 two-bedroom homes - for households working in Teton County. Teton County is providing the land for this development, which is valued at $2,100,000 and Teton County has owned since the early 1980’s. Teton County also paid to move the existing historic structures for the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Musuem and to demo the existing cinderblock structure, which cost $130,000 total. 

Through a collaborative effort, the Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum, the Town of Jackson, and Teton County were able to safely remove the historic cabins from the property and store them on Town property until the museum's new site on the Genevieve Block is ready for their placement. Shacks on Racks was able to save the last historic building - a log garage - by placing it on a private residence. With the removal of this structure, and because of community collaboration, all historic buildings on the site were saved! 

In February 2021, the Board of County Commissioners voted to exercise their option to purchase the 6,800 square feet of commercial space in the building for $800/square foot. The Board has discussed using this space for early childhood education purposes, which is another financial burden for working families in the valley. 

Groundbreaking: Spring 2021

Anticipated Completion: January 2023

Total Units: 30 ownership homes, 20 one-bedroom, 10 two-bedroom. Includes five revolving employee rights of first purchase. 

Affordability: Workforce Restrictions

Public investment per unit: $74,333

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