Certified document destruction is available to both businesses and individuals for $0.25 per pound. This rate is for "clean," non-contaminated shredding. See below for what is considered contamination. "Dirty" shred is available for $0.50 per pound. This includes materials that the customer does not want to sort, and items that do not meet our Office Pack Standards that need to be shredded.

Documents can be brought to the Recycling Center located at 3270 South Adams Canyon Road, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

After paper is dropped off it is placed into bins that are locked, ensuring public's privacy. Documents are then shredded once a week.

Office Pack Standards

Documents must meet office pack standards.

  • No dark Post-It notes
  • No paper clips- Staples okay
  • No fluorescent or deep-toned paper
  • No construction paper
  • No rubber bands
  • No glue bound publications
  • No Tyvek Envelopes
  • No 8.5-incy by 11-inch gold tone envelopes (with metal clasp)
  • No ream wrap
  • No photos